Terms & Conditions

Information Requests

Any request for information or reservation from the Aderferias site is only a request and not an effective reservation. The reserve became effective after adjudication. The requests for availability or reservations will be accompanied by our server and one of our reservation managers.


How to Book

Our booking process is one of the most simplified that exists. It was thought to the customer, so it is practical and fluid.

To book the search on our website www.aderferias.com select the date you want the number of people and do search. Once you have selected the property that best suits you, complete your Request in Reserve request (the orange banner) to complete the data that is requested.

To confirm any reservation, Aderferias requests a 30% adjudication of the total reservation, refundable in case of cancellation according to the cancellation rules. The amount may vary depending on the accommodation.

Pre-booking of any accommodation will be held for a maximum of 2 days. In that time, you must pay the 30% of the reservation and send the proof of it by email to reservas@aderferias.com with the ID of the Reservation.

After receiving the payment of the award (or confirmation thereof), Aderferias issues a “Confirmed Reservation” voucher, as well as instructions on how to get to the accommodation, access data and other useful and important information. This information is sent to your mailbox.

The remaining 70% must pay the day of arrival in cash or 2 days before arrival by bank transfer to the same account that made the payment of the award.

For reservations made less than 48 hours in advance, payment of the entire reservation is required upon arrival.

These booking procedures may vary according to the nationality of the clients.

We do not make reservations for clients under 21 years of age.

The owner is entitled to ask for a security deposit of € 300 if he finds it necessary.



The prices shown on the Aderferias website are per property, per night, on a self-catering basis, and vary according to the time of year, being affected by the seasonality.

The prices include: bed linen, towels, cleaning services in and out, water, electricity, gas, electricity.

Please note that in some cases a supplement may be applied for intermediate cleaning, change of towels and sheets, use of sauna / jacuzzi, heated pool, games room or other additional property facilities. This supplement will be informed in advance in the description of the property or in the act of booking.


Lease Agreement

Whenever a client informs you that you want to make a reservation with us, he / she acknowledges that he / she has taken note of and accepts all terms and conditions presented herein, and assumes the responsibility of honoring them individually and on behalf of each guest. Having thus, the responsibility to transmit all the terms and conditions to the remaining guests.


Security deposit

Some properties advertised by Aderferias require a security deposit of € 200 to € 500.

This security deposit is used to protect properties against any damages, local unpaid surcharges, additional cleaning services, additional laundry services and any other unpaid charges.

This amount can be requested on the day of arrival along with the final payment, if applicable. If applicable, the same security deposit will be returned on departure date. The same security deposit will not be refunded in full in the event of damage or material damage not reported and not paid to Aderferias during your stay.

If the security deposit against damages proves insufficient to cover all the costs arising, Aderferias reserves the right to bill you the remaining value.

In the event of substantial damage / abusive behavior on a property, you should leave the same case as required by Aderferias or its owner / representative and look for alternative accommodation at their own cost.


Cleaning service

Stays equal or less than 7 nights have no cleaning or change of towels included. In some lodgings there may be an additional cleaning service and a change of clothes already included in the price.

Stays longer than 7 nights have intermediate cleaning with change of towels and bed linen.

If you wish to clean or change additional clothes, you can request these services locally, paying the appropriate supplement. Please ask Aderferias for the rates.


Baby equipment

Please inform us in advance if you need a travel cot (for babies up to 4 years old), dining chair and bath. An extra charge of € 35 per item per week applies.

Please note that the travel beds provided, in some cases, may not include linen (sheets) – please confirm with Aderferias in advance.



Check-in and check-out times may vary: In most accommodation, check-in takes place on the day of arrival between 4 pm and 8 pm and departure on the last day until 10 am. This time is subject to change. If your stay extends beyond these hours, Aderferias reserves the right to charge an additional night. If you wish to enter or leave the accommodation outside these times, please contact us to confirm availability and price.

Not all accommodations with television have the expected channels: in some it is only possible to view national channels, and in other only foreign channels.

Some accesses to the accommodations or surrounding areas may be in poor condition or in works at sometimes of the year – Aderferias is not responsible for these situations or for any damages caused as a result of these facts.

If you experience maintenance problems or minor malfunctions (for example, blown bulbs, plumbing problems, etc.) Aderferias will do its best to resolve these issues during your stay, although Aderferias have no legal obligation to do so.

The maximum capacity of occupancy of accommodation must be respected and cannot in any way be exceeded without the prior consent of Aderferias. Only the persons listed on the booking form will be accepted in the accommodation.



The services that make up your holidays are based on the Portuguese requirements and criteria. In general, these requirements and criteria will not be the same as those of other countries. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and care of the members of your group and therefore be required to take all precautions during your holiday.

We strongly recommend that you read all the local and security information sent to you along with your booking confirmation, as well as all information provided within the accommodation. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the fire equipment on the property and location of the exit doors. Please ensure that children are always supervised during the holidays. Parents always have full responsibility for the actions of their children. Special (but not exclusive) attention should be paid to balconies, terraces, staircases, glass panels / doorways, wet or damp floors and swimming pools. If you have any specific concerns about accommodation, please contact the Aderferias representative immediately so that we can resolve your request in the best way.


Conduct rules

In the event that, in the opinion of Aderferias or any accommodation owner, agent of authority or other responsible person, his behavior or of any member of his group causes discomfort, damages, disrespect or disrespect for property, or if he does not demonstrate according to local laws and customs, we reserve the right to end your holiday. If this happens, we will not have any responsibility to you from that time. It is your responsibility to assume costs and expenses resulting from such behavior. Aderferias also reserves the right to contact local authorities and summon them to the premises in order to expel them from accommodation in extreme cases in which their behavior or other elements of the reservation are unacceptable.



It is reported that in some more central properties, some noise level associated with its location (eg restaurants, bars, nightclubs, traffic, residents, neighboring properties, etc.) can be expected. Naturally the noise level may increase during the high season.


Constructions in progress

Aderferias cannot be responsible for any construction or work / road work, nor can it control the noise levels of this type of work. However, if we consider that the work will have an adverse effect on your holiday, we will do our best to notify you as far in advance as possible. If this option is not possible, please accept our sincere apologies.


Reservation change

If you wish to change your confirmed reservation (for example, change to another accommodation), you must notify us in writing as soon as possible.

Aderferias will do its best to make the desired changes, but without guarantees that it will be possible to do so without additional costs.

If you add more people to your reservation, they can only be accepted if they do not exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation. There is a surcharge for each person added. Such persons should be informed of Aderferias terms and conditions and accept the same


Changes to the initial reservation

If you wish to make changes to the initial reservation, such as changing the requested accommodation, the date of check-in or check-out, the guest should notify us of their intention by email. We will do our best to provide you with this change however this is not always possible.


Cancellation by the customer

Cancellation Policy; until 30 days from the date of reservation we return the total amount awarded, from 30 days to 15 days from the date of reservation, we will refund if the reservation is to be replaced by another, from 15 to the date of reservation, we do not refund the amount awarded.


Cancellation by Aderferias

For reasons of force majeure, it may sometimes be necessary to cancel your reservation. In the event of this happening, Aderferias will reimburse the value paid.


Our responsibility to you

Aderferias shall not be liable for any consequential damages, illness, death or consequential loss suffered by you or another member of your group, or by claims of any nature resulting in loss or damage arising from:

a) Failure of the affected person (s) or any member (s) in your group;

b) Failure of third parties not related to the provision of their vacation, which we could not have foreseen or avoided;

c) Event or circumstance that Aderferias or the supplier of the service (s) could not foresee or avoid;

d) Failure of someone who was not in the service of Aderferias.

Should any member of the group suffer from any of the situations described above, resulting from an activity that is not directly associated with the reservation you have with us, we will assist and provide due follow-up, without involving monetary aid or other responsibilities.


“Force Majeure”

In these terms and conditions, “Force Majeure” refers to any event where Aderferias or the supplier of the service (s) in question could not foresee or avoid. This category includes, among many others, situations of war, civil strife, strikes, hostilities, social problems, political and governmental actions, industrial disputes, natural disasters, nuclear incidents, terrorist activities, atmospheric conditions, airport closures, fires, floods, drought, alterations or cancellations of schedules and flights, technical problems beyond our control. Except for the points indicated in these terms and conditions, we regret that we cannot accept liability or pay damages in situations where the performance of our contractual obligations has been prevented or affected by damages and losses resulting from force majeure.


Documents and Insurance

It is your responsibility to make sure that your identification documents are valid and comply with legal regulations.

We consider it essential to travel with adequate vacation insurance. You should consult your insurance agent.



In order to process your reservation, it will be necessary to collect some personal data from you. These may include the names and addresses of the group elements, payment details, special requests related to a state of health or fitness, among others. All details you provide relating to your reservation will be kept confidential. We will not use names and contacts for any other purpose.



Aderferias does its best to make your holiday in our accommodations a success. However, should you wish to lodge a complaint about any aspect of the accommodation you have booked, you must notify your local Aderferias representative that you will do everything in your power to rectify the situation. You should always report your problem locally during your stay in accommodation.



The information on the Aderferias website is placed with good intention and updated regularly. However, it is not possible to guarantee its accuracy at all levels. We recommend that you contact us if you have any questions or if you have any questions. In the event that a cost error is caused by our internet system, or appears on the confirmation document, the confirmation price mentioned in the confirmation email will prevail. Any content entered due to computer or human system error will not be valid.