Seafood Gastronomic Festival in Olhão

Seafood Festival is considered one of the main touristic events of Olhão, attracting every year thousands of persons to this city. Here you can taste the best seafood in the region, presented to the visitors in all its great variety. You can also taste regional sweet specialities, buy handicraft or simply have fun in the music shows.

Here you will find lots of information about events in Olhão, eastern Algarve, Portugal! When the Algarve bank holidaysare so you don’t miss out on something or on a practical note, get caught out by the supermarkets closing; when and where the markets in and around Olhão, what annual events take place and what up and coming events there are in our Olhão event listings.

The “cubist” town of Olhão is a special landmark on the Algarve Touristic Route. The typical ways of its people, the town’s exotic architecture, its cuisine and the islands nearby are all good reasons to visit.



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